Our  Laboratories

 Composite Science Laboratory

  • Thhe school has put up a state-of-the Science lab that is equipped with all the necessary instruments.
  • We impart scientific temper and spirit of enquiry through practical activities; thereby making them understand that questioning is an important tool to learn.
  • Teachers ensure that students follow adequate safety precautions during the experimental work in the lab.
Computer Lab
  • Computer education is provided from classes I to X to make the children techno-savvy.
  • Internet facility is also available in the school computer lab.
Mathematics Lab
  • The School has launched the Mathematics laboratory as per the guidelines given by CBSE.
  • The objective of the laboratory is to promote critical thinking and ability to approach a problem in different ways.
  • It calls for firing the imagination of the learners so that they are creative and contributive. It calls for taking the concepts of Mathematics beyond the limitations of the textbooks.
  • It facilitates in doing simple experiments and projects that would lead to empowerment of various skills among the learners viz., Numerical skills, Observation skills, Logical thinking skills, Skills of comparison & interpretation, etc 
Robotics Lab
  • School has set up a well equipped Robotics lab for the students of Class V onwards.
  • The is set up with a view to provide insight into the new and upcoming field of Automation & robotics.
  • Trained staff guide students to assemble and program the robots/ machines to complete the designated tasks.