School Uniform


The School uniform is a part of school discipline and should be adhered to strictly. The set pattern and colour should be correctly followed. All the students from class I upwards are expected to wear the following school uniform:


  1. White shirt with half sleeves.
  2. Sleeveless vests should always be worn under the shirt.
  3. White shorts (should not be tight and not more than 2” above the knee).
  4. Black shoes with laces (medium toes).
  5. Bottle green belt.
  6. White socks with green bands.
  1. White Frocks (Box Pleats as per school patterns) (I-V).
  2. White divided skirts, white shirts (VI-VIII).
  3. Black shoes with buckles or lace.
  4. Bottle green belt.
  5. Bottle green ribbon/hair band.
  6. White socks with green bands.
  7. White cycling shorts.
  1. For all children’s boys and girls alike, the proper footwear in both summer and winter is black leather shoes. No shoes of any other or kind or chappals/ sandals or other forms of heelless or high heeled shoe are permissible. Canvas shoes may be worn only for games or P.T.
  2. Children’s dress parents are advised to see that boys wear vest and underwear. Their shorts should not be too tight.
  3. It is compulsory for girls to wear slip / Shameej.


  1. Blazer (single breasted, bottle green), gray worsted pants (two pleated) for all students.
  2. White shirt (full sleeves).
  3. Bottle green tie.
  4. Black shoes with laces (medium toes).
  5. Bottle green belt.
  6. Gray socks with green bands.
  1. Blazer (single breasted, bottle green).
  2. White shirt (as per approved pattern).
  3. Gray worsted skirt (as per pattern) (VI-VIII)/Tunic (I-V).
  4. Black shoes with buckles or lace.
  5. Bottle green belt.
  6. Bottle green tie.
  7. Bottle green ribbon/hair band.
  8. Gray stockings with green bands.
  9. Black tights.

  • Blazer is compulsory for all, however sweater /Jersey bottle green ,Plan V neck (Sleeves Optional) can be worn by boys and girls when required under certain conditions.
  • All Blazers and jerseys must be marked with child’s name class and section in order to enable the school to restore the lost property to the right full owner.